How long will I have access to my Virtual Tour?

After scanning your property, you'll have access to a virtual tour to start sharing in just 48 hours.

Can I publish it on websites and on social networks?

The virtual tour is prepared for publication on websites and any social network, such as: Facebook, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, AirBnB, Booking ... and for sending via email, WhatsApp, Messenger and via QR code ...

Can I see the Google Street View virtual tour before publishing?

Yes. The draft presentation will be available to view before publication.

How long is the photo session for the Google Street View virtual walk?

The photo session for the needs of Street View Goggles usually lasts about an hour, but ultimately it depends on the number of rooms in the building, which translates into the number of 360-degree photos to be taken.

How long does the property scanning process take?

The scanning process depends on the size and complexity of the scanned rooms. We can assume the following time intervals.

• Interiors up to 100m² - up to 90 min

• Interiors up to 150m² - up to 120 min

• Interiors up to 200m² - up to 180 min

Do you need a special program or device?

Virtual tours work on any cell phone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet.

How to get a virtual tour?

As soon as it is submitted and processed, the link and instructions will be emailed to be shared on any social network and placed on any website. From this message you can also download photos, plans and videos that have been contracted outside the virtual tour.

How to prepare interiors for scanning?

• Remove items from rooms that you don't want to show in 3D presentations

• Open the door to all rooms that are to be available in the virtual walk

• Close all windows if there is very strong sunlight outside, if blinds are available

• Turn on all the lights available in the rooms, it will show the mood in the rooms

• Turn off TV screens and computer monitors

• Kitchen: bury all unnecessary dishes and accessories, take care of the aesthetic order of the room

• Bedroom: bed sheets, arrange decorative pillows make sure they look nice and fluffy

• Remove all private items that you do not want to display publicly

During scanning, no people or animals may be in the room

How is the sales process going - I'm interested in what's next?

All you need to do is contact us and we'll take a quick valuation based on the number of rooms and square meters.

We will choose a convenient date for you and meet you on the spot or we can also pick up the key to the apartment from your office - the decision is yours. We make a photo session and after 48 hours we send you a link with a virtual walk and instructions on how to put it on your website and social media.